Care + Refinishing

If you’re unsure of what finish you have for any reason, please get in touch and supply some images.

Do not use oven cleaner under any circumstances.

Black Finishes

Black powdercoat: Use a silicone spray to restore the lustre of the paint finish.

Black anodising, black 316 stainless steel e.g. fasteners:

Wipe over gently with a damp soft cloth or chamois and window cleaner.

Do not use metal polishing compounds like Brasso1, Autosol2 etc

Stainless Steel

316 marine grade stainless steel bodies and silver fasteners:

Scrub with a nylon brush, detergent and water.

Specialist stainless steel brightening gels are available but be aware that they are highly corrosive to other surfaces.

Living Finishes

Natural copper components:

It is not essential that these finishes are cleaned as they will continue to patina over time

Wipe over with a damp soft cloth or chamois with detergent and water. When dry, a liquid furniture creme polish such as Neopol3 or Pledge Shine-Up4 can be applied, and the excess wiped off, which will even out and darken the natural patina slightly.

Do not use metal polishing compounds like Brasso, Autosol etc


Refinishing is a straightforward process for all, except black anodised aluminium.

Contact LuxR to discuss in detail.

Pressure Washing

Fixtures should not be pressure washed under no circumstances. 

1 Brasso is a trademark of Reckitt Benckiser Plc (UK

2 Autosol is a trademark of Autosol LLC (USA)

3 Neopol is a trademark of Bushland Products Pty Ltd (AUS)

4 Pledge Shine-Up is a trademarks of S. C. Johnson & Son (USA) It is also known as Pronto, Pliz and Blem