LuxR is proud to be able to now offer our highly successful M4 range of luminaires with integrated Red, Green, Blue, White colour changing LED.
This system uses DMX signal protocol and DMX-spec cabling.
The topology employed to connect the LuxR RGBW fittings together is a bussed (a kind of parallel arangement) network. Technical notes on bussed networks can be found here:
DMX is very fussy about cabling quality. Users should specify their required cable lengths for each luminaire ordered.


  • Input: 12-24V DC , DMX Data+ , Data- , Data shield
  • Power consumption: 4.5W per luminaire maximum (4 colours @ 100%)
  • Light Engine: Plugin dimmable module equipped with a high power Cree 4x1 watt RGBW LED
  • Beam [FWHM]: Spot 20°, Medium 34°, Oval 48°x24°
  • Cabling: Special hybrid cable comprising of : EIA-485 (aka RS-485) compliant 120 Ohm twisted pair with drain wire in a foil shield. A pair of marine grade tinned 0.75mm^2 DC power conductors. The product is supplied with a 3 metre (9.8 ft) cable.
  • Standards: IP68, LM79, CE , USITT DMX512-A


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel