The Environment

LuxR believes that the building industry must play an important role in reducing the negative impact of construction activity and, at the same time, assist people to realise their desires for increasingly improved living and work environments.

  • LuxR products are easily disassembled and all parts are recyclable.
  • We minimise the number of different types of material used in each product for simplified recycling
  • We do not use environmentally harmful coatings, such as electroplating.
  • All our metal components are easily recyclable.
  • Our copper products have a natural “living” finish, developing a patina that evolves over time.
  • Our aim is to source as many materials and processors as possible from within a 
  • 20 kilometre radius of our manufacturing plant in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • LuxR will continue to explore options for further reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.