To preserve the validity of your warranty and ensure the long term performance of your LuxR products, it is critical to follow the correct installation procedures.

  • In Order to remove the residual voltage in the power supply: short circuit the contacts on the secondary (output) with the driver turned off.
  • An LED can be damaged in an instant, and this may not be immediately obvious, therefore it is important to plan and check your install before you start.
  • Remote drivers recommended by LuxR use SERIES WIRING, in which the LED luminaires are connected in a series string (aka daisy chain). If you are not completely familiar with series wiring procedures please be sure to check with your distributor or a qualified LED technology installer.

    > Using a piece of stiff wire in a loop to bleed off any residual power before connecting the LED string.

    > Series wiring diagram. Otherwise known as daisy chain wiring.
       note: 1) The driver continually modulates voltage to maintain a preset constant current, eliminationg volt drop effects.
                2) Simplicity of the layout. Much less cable is used than in a parallel wired circuit.

    > Parallel wiring diagram. For use only with LuxR integral drivers fitted.
       note: 1) 12V AC from a quality magnetic wire wound power supply only.
                2) Volt drop must be accounted for with cable selection and transformer output tap selection.