LuxR Technology

LuxR light fittings are ingeniously crafted to harness the power of LED technology, incorporating a host of smart innovations to minimise energy use, reduce maintenance requirements and simplify installation.

Some of the Key Features are as follows:

LED Light Engines

Replacable pin mounted LED light engines powered by Cree

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Integral 12V AC Driver

12 Volt AC integrated driver option

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Thermaflux Cool Touch

LuxR luminaires run very cool

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LED Shield

Series string protection

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Modular Construction

Most LuxR luminaires are made of common components

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Waterproof IP68

LuxR Modux range products are rated IP68 to +1m submerged

Anti Syphon

Where space allows, all LuxR luminaires have a built in anti-syphon device that prevents water from being drawn up through the cable.


All LuxR luminaires are dimmable

North America UL/CSA Certification

Modux One + Two + Four are certified to UL1838 Standard for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems. File No: E358862

Made in New Zealand

LuxR sources most components from within a 20 kilometre radius of our manufacturing plant in Auckland, New Zealand.