LuxR products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are designed to provide many years of reliable service when correctly installed. Our modular construction ensures that all components, including the LED Board and Internal Driver, can be easily disassembled for maintenance. Our confidence in the quality of our products is demonstrated by the comprehensive warranty that comes with all LuxR luminaires.

Body Warranty

Copper, and stainless steel components have a 10 year warranty against defective workmanship and deterioration, while the powder coated aluminium components have a 5 year warranty. Both warranties are subject to standard conditions listed below:

Electronics Warranty

The electronic components in all LuxR Modux luminaires have a 3 year warranty against defective workmanship and failure, subject to standard conditions listed below:

Standard Conditions:

The environment in which the liminaire is to be installed must be considered carefully when selecting the finish. Solid copper and stainless steel luminaires are recommended for corrosive environments such as near salt water. Aluminium fixtures may not be covered by the full warranty in these situations.

Stainless steel requires regular cleaning in salt air environments to protect againt crevice corrosion and tea staining in particular.

Warranty excludes impact damage (except for lenses), incorrect installation and incorrect re-assembly. Luminaires must be kept properly maintained, including replacement of gaskets whenever they are serviced.

LuxR warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of products ONLY, labour charges will not be accepted.

LuxR reserves the right to replace components or provide remedial repair service. 

LuxR Limited reserves the right to limit liability on nonstandard luminaies or delivery arrangements.

LuxR fixtures should not be pressure washed. If fixtures are pressure washed this will void warrenty on replacement parts.